Dear Writer–

We’re Shark River Publishing, a new fully-funded digital-only publisher of genre fiction. Don’t bother looking for us on the Absolute Write forums. Well, not yet. We’re brand new.

We’re so new, in fact, that we’re seeking submissions so we can fill our select few debut slots as we begin our publishing journey. What are we looking for? Glad you asked.

  1. Genre fiction, preferably paranormal suspense/thriller, horror (no gore, please), speculative, or light science fiction. We’ll take a look at a mystery or thriller, but it’s going to have to be unique to catch our eye in those crowded markets.
  2. Well-crafted stories that use a traditional structure.
  3. Believable, strong characters.

Why Shark River?

  • We pay an advance and timely royalties. Shockingly, that is not the industry norm for small publishers these days.
  • We do not have a “marketing clause” in our contract. In fact, we don’t even require that our authors do any marketing at all, unless they feel like they’re good at it.
  • Our Editor-in-Chief is a published writer, technologist, and passionate book worm who has been working with ebooks and the indie publishing industry for about eleven years.
  • We accept a tiny fraction of the manuscripts we receive. If we offer you a contract, it’s because we think we can sell your ebook. No gimmicks, no scams, no bullshit. We want what you want: to sell ebooks.
  • We believe in our unique take on a traditional publishing business model, which we think will put us in front of a growing trend in the industry.

Think you might be a good fit with our team? Great. Head on over to our submissions page and tell us a little more about your manuscript (it is a finished manuscript, right?).


The Shark River Team